In 2016 FBI released a crime report according to which there were more than 17000 murder cases were registered. This means that there is more than 8 percent increase in a murder case which is very frightening.

If we talk about Violent crime then there is a 4 percent increase in that but it was seen that there was around 1.5 decrease in property crime which is very good.

The decrease in Property crime means that people are picking up required measures to avoid property theft.

Violent crimes can also be prevented if you start teaching everyone from the beginning about the morals so that they don’t pick up bad habits in future. These measures have to be taken up otherwise the crime rate will keep on increasing.

Apart from teaching children about morality we also need to follow some basic measures which will help us avoid crime in our country.

First of all, we have to be friendly in our neighbour-hood because whenever a crime takes place neighbours will always be first to arrive. Always try to maintain a good relationship with everyone in your neighbourhood.

Try to set up a patrol in your area or hire security guards from a security agency by collaborating with everyone in your neighbourhood. Security guards will always make sure that the neighbourhood is safe. Always make sure that the guards work in shifts like 2 or 3 guards monitor from morning to evening and other2 or 3 guards monitor from evening till next morning. This maintains twenty-four seven safety.

Start collaborating with schools so that they make the area closer to school a drug-free zone. This will help children stay away from bad things. A child can pick up a bad thing very easily so we need to make sure that children stay away from these things.

Always maintain a good relationship with local police. Ask the police to take around of the society every hour so that thieves will be scared and they won’t commit any crime. When police patrol is roaming in the area then criminals stay away from that place.

Put CCTV cameras outside your home and ask everyone in your society to put CCTV cameras outside their houses. You can also cover the whole society by fitting CCTV cameras in the society and asks the security guards to monitor them.  We also advice you to use best biometric gun safe or hidden car gun safe so that, you can use your gun while you need it. Ask the guards if they see any suspicious person in the society then report to the police immediately. If possible get a gun license and keep that in your shoulder holster .

Tell the guards to maintain a record where intruders are supposed their personal information so that you have an idea who came to your society. If at all a crime scene occurs in the society then you can check the records and track down the criminal. Use lockers at your home for jewellery etc and vehicle gun safe or locker for your phone and other valuable things.

These are some of the tips or measures that we can follow to make America safe again.

Apart from maintaining security outside our home, we need to make sure that our home is secure from inside. To maintain safety inside your home it is better to install intruder alarms inside. If you own a gun then purchase a gun safe for it.

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