Making war without UN permission is a war crime, according to the UN Charter. So is intervening in a civil war. Yet for months the U.S. Department of Defense has been bombing Iraq and Syria.

The United States could easily obtain permission from members of the UN Security Council for the attacks. But rather than doing so, Washington prefers to violate the UN Charter.

This website, accordingly, has been listing articles posted by the U.S. Department of Defense about the various attacks on “terrorists” in both countries. The essays, in turn, come from a Google listing of articles on Iraq that appears automatically each day.

Over the past week there has been unprecedented hacking of US war crimes. The same thing happened on September 9, 2015. There is no coincidence between the hacking and the listing.

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Who are the cowardly hackers? Are they inside the Department of Defense? Or are they members of the CIA? Or perhaps just vigilantes, eager to prevent a website from continuing to list the DOD articles under Breaking News. Whoever is doing so might better ask the DOD to get UN Security Council approval. When they do, the articles will no longer be listed routinely.

If the United States wants law and order in the world, the way to do so is to follow the law—international law. If all countries were to follow DOD’s example, countries would routinely bomb other countries. Perhaps taking their cue from the lawless DOD, North and South Korea recently traded fire across their border. Russia has felt no compunction about supporting rebels in the Ukraine. Who will be next?

The essence of the nation-state system, as first developed by international law during 1648, is that one country should not have its sovereignty violated by another. If the DOD does not respect the most fundamental principle of the current nation-state system, then what kind of world order does it promote other than international anarchy that will have no end in sight?

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