It can be a difficult task to select a proper window treatment for your home.  It can look easy to just do it with the interior design as there is a wide variety available and then again it can become a harder decision to select the perfect one. It can happen after you cut down your choices in blinds, instead of going for shades and shutters, still there is a wide variety available to make a choice. Now the question arises, that how to make a perfect choice for window blinds? One must consider a few factors for the same. Those are the location of the window, safety, privacy efficiency, light control, cost, desired aesthetics need to be taken care of while selecting window blinds. Let us go through different types of blinds, with their benefits, so that becomes easier to make a wiser decision for your window. To increase the privacy efficiency always use top down bottom up shades outside mount:

  • Wood Blinds: It has indeed a classic look. They help in adding timeless and elegance to any type of décor. There are various types of paint colors and stains available in wood blinds that can be used to have customization which best suits your décor. So they are extremely versatile.


  • Aluminum Blinds: Using Aluminum blinds can be helpful for commercial as well as residential spaces. Aluminum blinds contain durability and they are easy to use. Due to its lower process, it becomes the best economical option. Also, they help in providing amazing light control and privacy as they are available in different colors. Aluminum blinds are also used to cover different shaped windows as well.


  • Faux Wood Blinds: They have two main benefits; firstly, they contain durability and they are cost-effective (economical). It can be said as the mimic version of classic wood with the lower cost. They usually do not warp or fade, so they are the best choice for the places with more amounts of moisture and heat. They are economical, easy to clean, and durable. As they are lower cost as compared to aluminum, still gives the same look like that.


  • Vertical and Panel Blinds: These types of blinds can be used for sliding glass doors, patio doors, and normally for bigger sized windows. Also, they offer most of its light control and privacy. They are having a variety in fabric, vinyl, and sheer option, and they can be closed or can slide to one side or tilt open. Whereas panel blinds are another alternative for vertical blinds which is sleek. These can be slide back and forth on the track and contain a larger number of materials and width. You can use both the types of window blinds for the wall of a picture window.

This information can help to choose a perfect window covering for your space. Various windows blind service providers visit the place where the window blinds are going to be fitted, also offer various consultations for the same.

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