Michael Haas on February 16th, 2017

In 2016 FBI released a crime report according to which there were more than 17000 murder cases were registered. This means that there is more than 8 percent increase in a murder case which is very frightening.

If we talk about Violent crime then there is a 4 percent increase in that but it was seen that there was around 1.5 decrease in property crime which is very good.

The decrease in Property crime means that people are picking up required measures to avoid property theft.

Violent crimes can also be prevented if you start teaching everyone from the beginning about the morals so that they don’t pick up bad habits in future. These measures have to be taken up otherwise the crime rate will keep on increasing.

Apart from teaching children about morality we also need to follow some basic measures which will help us avoid crime in our country.

First of all, we have to be friendly in our neighbour-hood because whenever a crime takes place neighbours will always be first to arrive. Always try to maintain a good relationship with everyone in your neighbourhood.

Try to set up a patrol in your area or hire security guards from a security agency by collaborating with everyone in your neighbourhood. Security guards will always make sure that the neighbourhood is safe. Always make sure that the guards work in shifts like 2 or 3 guards monitor from morning to evening and other2 or 3 guards monitor from evening till next morning. This maintains twenty-four seven safety.

Start collaborating with schools so that they make the area closer to school a drug-free zone. This will help children stay away from bad things. A child can pick up a bad thing very easily so we need to make sure that children stay away from these things.

Always maintain a good relationship with local police. Ask the police to take around of the society every hour so that thieves will be scared and they won’t commit any crime. When police patrol is roaming in the area then criminals stay away from that place.

Put CCTV cameras outside your home and ask everyone in your society to put CCTV cameras outside their houses. You can also cover the whole society by fitting CCTV cameras in the society and asks the security guards to monitor them.  We also advice you to use best biometric gun safe or hidden car gun safe so that, you can use your gun while you need it. Ask the guards if they see any suspicious person in the society then report to the police immediately. If possible get a gun license and keep that in your shoulder holster .

Tell the guards to maintain a record where intruders are supposed their personal information so that you have an idea who came to your society. If at all a crime scene occurs in the society then you can check the records and track down the criminal. Use lockers at your home for jewellery etc and vehicle gun safe or locker for your phone and other valuable things.

These are some of the tips or measures that we can follow to make America safe again.

Apart from maintaining security outside our home, we need to make sure that our home is secure from inside. To maintain safety inside your home it is better to install intruder alarms inside. If you own a gun then purchase a gun safe for it.

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Michael Haas on August 27th, 2015

Making war without UN permission is a war crime, according to the UN Charter. So is intervening in a civil war. Yet for months the U.S. Department of Defense has been bombing Iraq and Syria.

The United States could easily obtain permission from members of the UN Security Council for the attacks. But rather than doing so, Washington prefers to violate the UN Charter.

This website, accordingly, has been listing articles posted by the U.S. Department of Defense about the various attacks on “terrorists” in both countries. The essays, in turn, come from a Google listing of articles on Iraq that appears automatically each day.

Over the past week there has been unprecedented hacking of US war crimes. The same thing happened on September 9, 2015. There is no coincidence between the hacking and the listing.

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Who are the cowardly hackers? Are they inside the Department of Defense? Or are they members of the CIA? Or perhaps just vigilantes, eager to prevent a website from continuing to list the DOD articles under Breaking News. Whoever is doing so might better ask the DOD to get UN Security Council approval. When they do, the articles will no longer be listed routinely.

If the United States wants law and order in the world, the way to do so is to follow the law—international law. If all countries were to follow DOD’s example, countries would routinely bomb other countries. Perhaps taking their cue from the lawless DOD, North and South Korea recently traded fire across their border. Russia has felt no compunction about supporting rebels in the Ukraine. Who will be next?

The essence of the nation-state system, as first developed by international law during 1648, is that one country should not have its sovereignty violated by another. If the DOD does not respect the most fundamental principle of the current nation-state system, then what kind of world order does it promote other than international anarchy that will have no end in sight?

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Unilateral military strikes against Syria would be illegal under international law. Eight legal avenues for countermeasures against Syria’s use of chemical weapons are being blocked. One, however, may be open.


  • China and Russia will veto the UN Security Council from taking action, although they have allowed a weapons inspection team.
  • Action could be taken at The Hague, headquarters of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), set up by the treaty banning chemical weapons (Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and on their Destruction of 1992), which has been ratified by most countries except for Syria. An OPCW expert team is part of the UN weapons inspection team in Syria. But on July 16, the American delegate complained that the Ukrainian chairing OPCW’s Executive Committee refused to place the issue on the agenda for discussion.
  • The treaty empowers the OPCW Conference of all ratifying countries to recommend sanctions against a violation. However, the latest meeting of the Conference was last year. Another meeting will take place in December.
  • The UN General Assembly, which could act under the powers of the Uniting for Peace Resolution of 1950, is not in session but is likely to block action when reconvened in September, as the membership is similar to the OPCW’s Conference.
  • Under customary international law, every country has the right of reprisal. That is, any country has the right to retaliate against unfriendly action by another, though the response must be proportional to the unfriendly action. If Britain, France, and the United States contemplate several military strikes against Syria, they must pretend that many of their own citizens were injured or are potentially threatened by the Syrian chemical weapons attack.
  • Regional organizations can take action when the UN cannot, according to some experts. The Arab League disapproves of any military strikes against Syria. The Gulf Cooperation Council has also not encouraged such action.
  • The Responsibility to Protect principle, adopted by the UN, allows action to prevent or stop genocidal action. A few military strikes, not having that aim, would not be consistent with that principle.
  • A new principle could be enunciated unilaterally by the United States. So argues John Bellinger III, who was legal adviser during the administration of George W. Bush. But his suggestion has not been followed by the White House.
  • Bellinger also suggests that the United States recognize a Syrian opposition group as the legal representative of Syria (as has the Gulf Cooperation Council). Then that group could call for military action, and Washington could come to the aid of a recognized government. But the Obama administration has resisted that option.

When President Barack Obama originally announced his “red line” on chemical weapons, the reference was to the possibility that the chemical weapons facility would get into the wrong hands during the civil war. Later, the objection was that the Syrian government would use or has used the weapons. Now the fear is that the United States will unleash further chaos without legal justification.

But we are talking about Mr. Drone Strike. The use of drones is extrajudicial execution, contrary to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and a war crime. So, too, is an American military strike on Syria.

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